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Right advertising solutions give your brand the maximum visibility.

We at Logicserve Technologies are believers; believing that limits exist only in our minds. We explore opportunities in the market and never shy away from experimenting something new. Logicserve Technologies has been affiliated with stores across 50+ categories to understand that one solution does not fit all. With 10 years’ experience in the digital space, we are here to bring you Digital Solutions to increase online conversions and lead generation

Amazon Web Services

Real time bidding is a process by which advertising inventory is bought and sold on per impression basis. This is done via programmatic auction which is similar to financial markets. Though it is a highly sensitive process, quick decisions on Ad opportunities can generate very high ROIs for clients.

Solutions Offered by Logicserve technologies:

AWS Platform Management (RTB):

  • AWS account Set up
  • Campaign media planning and management
  • Reporting and assessment

Search Engine Management (SEM)

  • Get more search engine visits though Paid Search Advertising

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • Promote your brand/product on social media platforms.
  • Build your brand awareness on social media.

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